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CBT Grant Conservation Landscaping Project (updated 13 July 2017)



       CA2 Conservation Landscaping Project Website


       Email to Homeowners Oct 14, 2016: Notice of Grant Application


       Email to Homeowners Jan 10, 2017: Rock Creek Conservancy Narrative (award application)


       Email to Homeowners Jan 11, 2017: Chesapeake Bay Grant Awarded


       Derwood Station HOA2 CA2 Concept Plan


1.     Original Conceptual design for CA2 and basis for grant

2.     Diagram shows Buena Vista Drive at right and bottom (north), Mahaska at top (south).

3.     Landscaping project is the colorful, flowery strip (see item #6 below) near the middle, starting at the storm drain outfall and extending approximately 200 feet east (left)


       RCC Submission Documents to CBT


1.     Project narrative

2.     Project Timeline

3.     Project Budget

4.     Long Term Maintenance Plan

5.     Project Endorsement Letter - Draft

6.     Conservation Landscaping Project Concept Design (to be supplied)


       Email to Homeowners May 23, 2017: CA2 project update

1.     Design Plan submitted for CBT Approval

2.     Enlarged View of Design Plan

3.     Enlarged View of Text Boxes

4.     Plant Schedule


       Email from RCC Project Leader July 13, 2017: Re Derwood Station HOA No. 2 Project Update 5.17.2017 Questione

1.     Examples of Bioswales